AUTHOR JAY BELL announced that the fourth book of his “Seasons” series, “Something Like Spring,” is due for release on January 30.

Bell was spurred to speed up the release of “Spring” after the news that his previous entry in the series, “Something Like Autumn,” had won six of the seven awards for which it was nominated in Goodreads’ M/M Members’ Choice Awards.

Jay Bell
Jay Bell

“I thought it would be nice to give something back,” Bell posted on his blog. “Spring was supposed to come out mid-February, but after some number crunching and some terrified glances in the mirror, I decided … the official release date for ‘Something Like Spring’ is January 30.”

Bell had previously released part of the cover art for the new book, but with his latest announcement is now offering the wraparound art, which includes a fuller synopsis of the story than has been seen before.

MEET JASON GRANT “Something Like Spring” focuses on an entirely new character, a foster kid named Jason Grant, “with a troubled past and an equally turbulent future” that may lead him to a couple in Austin, Texas, with whom “Something Like Summer” readers may be familiar.

The new book joins the other two acclaimed sequels in the series, “Something Like Winter,” which explores many of the same events as “Summer,” but from Tim Wyman’s point of view, and “Something Like Autumn,” which tells more of the story of Ben’s boyfriend, Jace Holden.

Like the other books in the series, the cover art is by Bell’s husband, Andreas.

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Side Note

LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE is Jay Bell's latest short story, an ebook for only 99¢. Click image to enlarge.
LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE is Jay Bell’s latest short story, an ebook for only 99¢. Click image to enlarge.

Bell also recently released a short story as an ebook called “Like and Subscribe.”

“The story is about one of those hot guys on YouTube. You know the type,” Bell explains on his blog. “They rarely have their shirts on, and you can’t stop going back to their channel, no matter how dumb they might be. The stud in our story seems to have a good heart and is surprisingly insightful at times. … The main character is Evan, who is desperate to meet this person.”

Learn more about Jay Bell’s short story, “Like and Subscribe” »


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