WANT TO KNOW what author Jay Bell thinks of the script for the movie adaptation of his book, “Something Like Summer”? In an interview with the literary blog, Prism Book Alliance, Bell discusses the screenplay’s “evolution.”

The interview, by Brandilyn Carpenter, comes on the heels of the recent publication of “Something Like Spring,” the fourth book of Bell’s ‘Seasons’ series, which began with the novel, “Something Like Summer.” The interview also included audiobook news and an audiobook giveaway.

Author Jay Bell
Author Jay Bell

Bell was asked: I know that the movie for ‘Something Like Summer’ is in the works. What do you want to tell us about that? He replied:

“I just finished reading the most recent script, and I’m very excited by how it has evolved. There’s simply not enough screen time to slavishly recreate the book scene for scene. Instead, a number of characters and events have been condensed and combined. This could easily lead to disaster, but Blue Seraph Productions has done a great job of maintaining the heart of the story while offering something new. Don’t worry, all those extra-special moments are still in there, but there’s also completely new material and fresh interpretations to look forward to. Casting is the next stage.”

Among other revelations in the interview:

  • An audiobook version of “Something Like Winter” is in production and due for release in a few months.
  • The ‘Something Like…’ series won’t be ending with ‘Spring’ after all. Bell says, “I honestly thought ‘Spring’ would be the end, but in the process of saying goodbye to so many characters, we meet quite a few new ones. I want to keep going, and a new sub-series will allow me a lot of freedom.”
  • Readers can win a free copy of the “Something Like Summer” audiobook by leaving a comment under Bell’s interview at Prism Book Alliance.

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