AUTHOR JAY Bell has taken to YouTube to chart the progress of the film adaptation of his novel, “Something Like Summer,” beginning with the recent casting of Austin McKenzie in the lead role of Benjamin Bentley.

“I’m very excited to tell you that Austin McKenzie has been cast in the role of Benjamin Bentley,” Jay says in his video, which he plans to turn into an ongoing series as the movie moves through preproduction and into principal photography.

Jay also commented on the impending casting of the other lead role, Tim Wyman. “I’m desperate to see who they choose as Tim Wyman,” he said. “I hope it’s just as on the nose as Austin McKenzie because if it is, I think we’ll have a hit.”

Meanwhile, the film’s producers are thrilled about Jay’s video series.

“Jay has been a solid partner in the development of this film,” producer Carlos Pedraza said. “His video series will be a fantastic way for fans of the book to connect with its adaptation, and to see the process through the eyes of the story’s creator.” Pedraza also penned the screenplay for the film.

Jay and director J.T. Tepnapa also traded casting comments this past week on Facebook.

IN FUTURE installments of his video series, Jay hopes to:

  • Comment on actors cast in the other lead roles
  • Interview members of the production team
  • Comment on the script’s development
  • Discuss the story’s journey from books to movie
  • Produce episodes on location and behind the scenes as the film is shot next spring

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