WHO ARE THE ACTORS playing Tim, Jace and Allison? We're making that announcement on Friday, November 14, when the Blue Seraph Productions newsletter is sent out with the link to our Indiegogo campaign page, where we're posting the casting news. If you don't subscribe, 550 other people will find out before you do.
WHO ARE THE ACTORS playing Tim, Jace and Allison? We will announce at least two on November 12, when our newsletter is sent out with the link to our Indiegogo campaign page. If you don’t subscribe, hundreds of others will find out before you do. Don’t miss out!

WONDERING WHO will be joining Austin McKenzie (Ben) in the lead roles of Something Like Summer? We plan to announce newly signed cast members on November 12 with the launch of our $100,000 Indiegogo campaign.

UPDATE » Our Indiegogo Campaign page!

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#AreYouReady to join the crowdfunding effort? Indiegogo contributions will meet these critical components of the production:

  • Music licensing, composition and arrangements of the seven songs appearing in the film.
  • Hiring a musical director, professional musicians and renting a recording studio.
  • Creating the original artwork that will appear as Tim Wyman’s paintings.
  • Post-production, including visual effects and the costs to prepare the film for multiple distribution formats.

“Our supporters are a vital force in moving our production forward so we can shoot the film and complete it as soon as possible, but we want to do it right,” said director J.T. Tepnapa.

Writer-producer Carlos Pedraza added, “Like many other independent filmmakers, crowdfunding makes up an important part of the financing mix for our projects. It proves to potential investors and distributors that there’s an audience for the stories we need to tell.”

WITH TWO award-winning feature films, dozens of web series episodes and short films under our belts, we have learned how to squeeze the greatest value from every dollar we raise for our projects.

“Our best hedge against risk is our experience as resourceful producers,” J.T. said. “At the same time, our best asset is our willingness to take creative risks.”

Our previous crowdfunding efforts raised more than $10,000 (from a goal of $5,000 in 2010) for our debut feature, Judas Kiss, and more than $35,000 (from a goal of $25,000 last year) to pay for a Red camera to shoot our follow-up project, The Dark Place (in wide release December 2!), and now Something Like Summer.

Why Your Contribution is Important

MAKING THE PITCH video for our $100K Indiegogo campaign. The studio's set up and we're ready to go live Nov. 14!
MAKING THE PITCH video for our $100K Indiegogo campaign. The studio’s set up and we’re ready to go live Nov. 12!

While crowdfunding will help get this movie made, we also want to use the movie as a way to shed light on the continuing challenges faced by young LGBT people.

“The story’s themes of bullying, betrayal and ‘it gets better’ tap into the memories and current experiences of a broad and diverse audience, and are a large part of the reason we want to turn it into a film,” Carlos said. “In a time with growing equality for LGBT adults, it’s still very difficult for young people to come out. Many more are coming out earlier than ever only to be bullied at school, and too often thrown out by their parents. Something Like Summer inspires us to face the fear, be proud of who we are, and claim the love we all deserve.”

To that end, we plan to partner with national LGBT advocacy organizations to bring attention to the challenges young gay people continue to face, and crowdfunding support will help with that effort, too.

Perks, perks, perks!

The Indiegogo campaign will feature a lot of fun and valuable perks to contributors, including:

  • The Complete Fan Pack
  • Visit to the set
  • Digital download or DVD of the film
  • Songs from the movie, sung by its stars
  • IMDb credits, on-screen thanks
  • Photo of “you and your True Love” in the end credits
  • The Ultimate Fan Pack, which is everything in the Complete version but autographed.
  • … and MORE fun stuff. Just wait!

#AreYouReady to Help?

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Multiply Your Contribution

MULTIPLY YOUR contribution by participating in our referral contest (instructions will be on the Indiegogo campaign page). The more of your friends who contribute, the greater the rewards we can offer you for sending them to the Indiegogo page.

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