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AUTHOR JAY BELL finds the actors chosen to portray Jace and Allison to be “ideal” and “exciting.”

We launched our $100,000 Indiegogo campaign on Wednesday with the announcement of Ben Baur (Logo TV’s Hunting Season) being cast as Jace and Ajiona Alexus (TVOne’s Rickey Smiley Show) as Allison.

UPDATE See and hear Jay’s thoughts about our casting Ben Baur as Jace in his newest video blog »

“Isn’t [Ben Baur] just adorable? Don’t you just love him already? Isn’t he so totally Jace?,” Jay asked in his post on his website, JayBellBooks.com. “Ben Baur has an air of mature wisdom about him, one tempered with a hint of whimsy. This makes him the ideal choice to play Jace.”

Jay Bell
Jay Bell

OF AJIONA Alexus, he said, “Much like Allison, Alexus is personable, bright, and energetic. Talented, too, [and] she’s also an accomplished singer.”

You can read more of Jay’s thoughts on these two new cast members here. Also, keep up with Jay’s production video blog on YouTube as he shares his experience with the adaptation of “Something Like Summer.”

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