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CASTING BEN BAUR as Jace Holden is the subject of author Jay Bell’s latest YouTube video blog chronicling the adaptation of Something Like Summer to the big screen.

“I was asked that question many times over the years, ‘Who do you picture as Jace?’, until recently when someone mentioned Ben Baur,” Jay says in the video. “The first image I saw of him floored me since he’s very near the Jace in my mind.” Watch below »

Jay added, “He has an easy charm. … What I’m certain of is that the producers chose the right guy.” He goes on to show the trailer for Ben Baur’s series, Hunting Season.

This video was the second of an ongoing series Jay is producing as the movie moves through preproduction and into principal photography next year.

IN FUTURE installments of his video series, Jay hopes to:

  • Comment on actors cast in the other lead roles
  • Interview members of the production team
  • Comment on the script’s development
  • Discuss the story’s journey from books to movie
  • Produce episodes on location and behind the scenes as the film is shot next spring

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