FILM DISTRIBUTOR and online retailer TLA Video awarded Blue Seraph Productions’ second feature film, The Dark Place, the Best Thriller award in its annual TLA Gaybie Awards.

“We are honored the film won this award, proud of our cast members for the recognition of their stellar performances, and thrilled that the hard work of our talented crew has been recognized in this way,” said producer Carlos Pedraza.

Carlos and The Dark Place producer J.T. Tepnapa’s company, Blue Seraph Productions, is also bringing Something Like Summer to the screen. Their first feature, Judas Kiss, won multiple Gaybies in 2012, for Best Drama, Best Lead Actor (Charlie David) and Best Supporting Actor (Sean Paul Lockhart).

Here’s what TLA Video had to say about the win by The Dark Place:

gaybiewinnerThe Dark Place, Best Thriller
Keegan Dark returns to the heart of California’s winery valleys to make peace with his long-estranged family. Instead, he finds a harrowing mystery that endangers his family’s lives and livelihood. This is a film that takes us to new places and one of the new thrillers around these days with mainly gay characters but the beauty of the film is that sexuality doesn’t really matter. The characters could have been straight as well and the plot would remain the same. This seems to be the way the gay lifestyle is going these days with the gaining of rights that we were so long deprived of. The film has nothing to do with being gay; our characters just happen to be so. This is “a real thriller, with a beautiful setting, gorgeous actors, with complicated relationships”. There are issues of betrayal, hope, greed, parental problems and love. “Keegan Dark, is a modern-day Sherlock Holmes — just add gay.” The plot examines what love and family means to us all. There just happens to be “a bit of blood and carnage along the way.” The hero has flaws yet also has a wonderful gift and he leads us into an adventure that will not be soon forgotten.

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