SLF-cover_175pxONE OF the select who’ve downloaded an exclusive copy of Jay Bell’s new novella, “Something Like Fall”? Once you’ve read it, you can post your thoughts, critiques or other reactions here, along with other fans of Jay’s “Something Like…” books.

Thanks again for your support through Indiegogo for the upcoming film adaptation of “Something Like Summer,” starring Davi Santos, Grant Davis, Ben Baur and Ajiona Alexus.

Didn’t contribute to the Indiegogo campaign but still want a copy of the 100-page novella? Here’s how to get it.

Also, you can read Jay’s own reaction to the release of “Something Like Fall,” and other exciting book- and film-related news at his website,

TELL US what you think. We’re excited to hear what you have to say about Benjamin Bentley’s final tour through all the stories of the “Something Like…” books. Just post a comment below!

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