FOLLOWING UP on last week’s interview with author Jay Bell, Your Hollywood Pro podcast’s newest episode features Something Like Summer director J.T. Tepnapa and writer-producer Carlos Pedraza.

Hosted by Jordan Gregory, the popular industry podcast interviews some of the most important and up-and-coming people in the film industry. They discuss how they got their start, what their current challenges are, and what aspiring filmmakers can do to set themselves apart.

“Both these guys are doing what they love and combining their passion for storytelling with their ability to take action.” — Podcaster Jordan Gregory

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The interview explores how their previous careers prepared them for making movies, how they collaborate their way through conflict and how they financed Something Like Summer, both through investors and crowdfunding.

Carlos and J.T. also talk about how they adapted the novel into the screenplay, the challenges they faced in what to keep from the book, what to change, what to lose and dealing with the pressure of “getting it right.”

The 48-minute podcast is available now on multiple podcast platforms, including Stitcher and iTunes, where Your Hollywood Pro is ranked No. 32 on iTunes’ charts.

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