THE NEWEST episode of “Your Hollywood Pro” podcast features an extended interview with Jay Bell, author of the novel, “Something Like Summer,” discussing how he came to write the book and his opinion of its upcoming film adaptation.

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Hosted by Jordan Gregory, the popular industry podcast interviews some of the most important and up-and-coming people in the film industry. They discuss how they got their start, what their current challenges are, and what aspiring filmmakers can do to set themselves apart.

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Jay discusses his writing process, how the “Something Like…” series came to be (sort of against his will, at first), and his role in bringing his story to the screen, alongside producers Carlos Pedraza, Tom Ly and director J.T. Tepnapa.

“‘Something Like Summer’ is in essence a story about an underdog finding his place in the world,” Jay said, “so it’s only fitting that both the book and movie have similar beginnings.”

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