WE HAVE a great lineup of events planned this summer as Something Like Summer goes into production in late August in Portland, Ore. You’ll be able to keep up with production, see and hear from the film’s cast and crew, and get a taste of what it takes to bring a book to life.


  • POPULAR YOUTUBERS Will and R.J. will be vlogging from the set of 'Something Like Summer.'
    POPULAR YOUTUBERS Will and R.J. will be vlogging from the set of ‘Something Like Summer.’
    Production Diaries. Filmmakers Eduardo Delgado (pictured above) and Peter Bryson will be producing weekly production diaries during the shoot exclusively for eligible Indiegogo contributors. The diaries will chronicle principal photography. You’ll meet the entire cast and the crew members whose hard work makes a movie happen. You’ll see the sets and learn some secrets.
  • Behind-the-Scenes Photos. Our official set photographer, Peter Bryson, will be sharing the best of the thousands of photos he plans to shoot of the production.
  • Behind-the- Scenes Videos. Production Diaries producer Eduardo Delgado will share short clips of the footage he’ll be shooting throughout the production. PLUS: We’ll be making clips from other crew and cast available on Vine, Instagram and maybe even LIVE via Periscope!
  • LIVE PODCAST. You’ll be able to interact LIVE with the director, producers, cast and crew during a live-streamed podcast one day during the shoot, including author Jay Bell while he visits the set.
  • VLOGS. Popular YouTubers Will & R.J., who both play roles in the film, will be posting video blogs on YouTube during their time on set.

Social Media

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We can’t wait to virtually meet you while producing Something Like Summer!