Jace (Ben Baur) and Ben (Grant Davis) on their trip to Paris in Something Like Summer.

QUEERGURU, a Miami-based culture and entertainment blog sang the praises of the musical, Something Like Summer, on the eve of the film’s April 22 Southeastern U.S. premiere at the MiFo Film Festival.

Roger Walker-Dack, queerguru

“The very talented and completely charming cast make this adaptation of Jay Bell’s best selling ‘young adult’ novel compelling enough to engage the hearts and minds also of a ‘not-so-young’ audience, too,” wrote queerguru editor Roger Walker-Dack.

Walker-Dack especially noted the performances of Grant Davis (Ben Bentley) and Ajiona Alexus (Fox’s Empire, Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why):

“Davis in particular really shines as the confused love-lost Ben and shows too that he is a very accomplished singer,” he wrote, “as does Ajiona Alexus who plays his best girl pal Allison.”

Young love is after all something to sing and dance about, with the synergy and passion that one has at that age, totally convinced that this is the first time that anyone anywhere has experienced such joy, and such heartache, too. If only.

Roger Walker-Dack, queertiques.com

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Walker-Dack writes and edits queerguru.com, queertiques.com, rwd5minmovieguide.com and is also a movie reviewer for edgemediametwork.com, as well as being a movie reviewer and multi-media journalist for provincetowntv.com.

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