THE RESPONSE to release of the official trailer for Something Like Summer has been tremendous, with its audience growing to more than 1.8 million since its debut!

The trailer went viral in the Philippines on May 1, almost doubling the video’s total audience in a single day, and has been going strong ever since across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

The 2:38-min. trailer was released first to our newsletter subscribers and contributors to our Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns on March 24, then to our Facebook fans on March 25.


The Something Like Summer trailer is available on Facebook and YouTube with subtitles/closed captions in English, Spanish, German, Italian, French and Dutch.

Translations were provided by Leonardo del Riego (Spanish), Chantal de Pessemier (French), Riina Y.T. (German), Reading Rainbow Books (Italian), Jeffrey Tork (Dutch).


Audience recorded since the trailer’s multiplatform release on March 24 (including Facebook, YouTube, VimeoTwitterInstagram and other social media).

Viral Tweet

This tweet by Dannie Niño Velasco was one of hundreds that went viral in the Philippines on May 1, quickly spreading to Facebook, and more than doubling the trailer’s total audience in a couple of days.


Originally published March 28, 2017

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