‘NOT A TYPICAL MUSICAL’ The entertainment website, Big Gay Picture Show, says Something Like Summer instead, “takes place in a hyper-real world [where] it tells a story of love and loss that occasionally jumps from the real world to a stage, where the main character breaks into song.”

While unusual at first, the songs “add real charm to the movie,” writes reviewer Tim Isaac. “The musical numbers add something we don’t often see,” and while the pursuit by protagonist Ben (portrayed by newcomer Grant Davis) of athletic Tim (Davi Santos) recalls other coming-of-age stories, “it becomes more interesting as Ben grows both into his sexuality and his life beyond his school days.”

Grant Davis [Ben] has the musical chops to pull off the songs, which help take us into the thoughts and emotions of the characters. The whole thing is done with a sincerity that is difficult not to find appealing.

Tim Isaac, The Big Gay Picture Show

As Ben’s college-age relationship with flight attendant Jace (Ben Baur) blossoms, Tim’s interference adds a “genuinely heartfelt edge to the story that ensures you care what’s going to happen to these people,” Isaac writes.

‘REAL FEELING’ The review credits the movie’s portrayal of Ben as a relatable character, exhibiting “a real feeling for the pain and pleasure of youth, first love, coming of age and realising what’s really important in life, told in a way that suggests there’s a knowing, older wisdom at work behind-the-scenes.”

Isaac’s review follows an initial article on his website sending readers an early signal about Something Like Summer just after the trailer was released in March: “Something Like Summer Trailer – True love runs far from smooth for two young gay men.”

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