THE ANONYMOUS and enthusiastic fan who goes by the moniker “Marcello” has upped his game, going beyond the two free tickets promised for each of the upcoming Carson City, Nev., and Long Beach screenings: He bought out the entire theater in Durban, South Africa.

WATERFRONT HOTEL is the site for the free screening of ‘Summer,’ thanks to “Marcello.”

According to Jason Fiddler, the director of the Durban Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, “Marcello” “very kindly made the contribution of buying 80 tickets (i.e., our full screening capacity for your first screening night). We’ve agreed that 30 tickets of which will go into the Patron Pool, our Donate-a-Ticket program for underprivileged festival goers coordinated with the Durban Lesbian & Gay Center. The remaining will be for patrons to enjoy your film.”

Something Like Summer‘s African premiere was scheduled at Durban’s festival on August 26, with a second screening on September 1.

30 tickets will go into the Patron Pool, our Donate-a-Ticket program for underprivileged festival goers.

Festival Director Jason Fiddler
Screening Details

Dates: August 26 (Saturday), 8:15 p.m., and September 1 (Friday), 8 p.m.
Venues: August 26: Waterfront Hotel, 40 Mahatma Gandhi Rd., Durban; September 1: Tina’s Hotel,
Ticket info: Free tickets available here

Durban festival announces free screening paid for by ‘Marcello.’
In a private message, “Marcello” said he’s providing the free seats to view Something Like Summer so more people may learn about and enjoy the film, especially those who might not otherwise be able to afford to see it, like young people associated with the Lesbian & Gay Center.

He went on to say he’d “pay another $75 to cover their transportation and provide pizza and [soda] pop for them.”

In Durban’s Facebook announcement, the festival described the event this way:

“With a little magic, and some fabulous generosity from an American benefactor who bought out a whole lot of tickets for you, our LGBTIQ community members can enjoy some FREE tickets to this fabulous and entertaining gay musical ‘SOMETHING LIKE SUMMER’ this Saturday night.”

In the meantime, “Marcello” doesn’t plan to stop there. People who live in cities hosting upcoming screenings of the film will also get a chance to win free tickets.

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