AN ANONYMOUS fan of Something Like Summer is buying tickets for each upcoming festival to give away to two intrepid viewers for each screening.

Calling himself “Marcello” (after a character introduced in Jay Bell’s novel, “Something Like Winter,”) this mysterious benefactor will award two people each a ticket. Upcoming festivals include the Long Beach QFilms Festival in California on September 8, Outflix in Memphis, Tenn., on September 9 and aGLIFF in Austin, Texas, on September 10.

Contest Rules

NEW SCHOOL EDITION of the “Something Like Summer” novel* was to go on sale August 30. Download this photo for your selfie to win two tickets to an upcoming film festival. Click for actual size.

HERE’S HOW to win:

  1. Take a selfie featuring a picture of the new School Edition of the “Something Like Summer” book (pictured) on your phone, tablet, laptop or printout.
  2. Post the photo on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook naming the festival you want to attend. Also, use the hashtag #SomethingLikeSelfie
  3. Enter as many times as you want, but each photo must be unique.
  4. Upcoming Deadlines:
    • Long Beach
    11:59 pm PDT, Sunday, September 3.
    • Memphis
    11:59 pm PDT, Monday, September 4.
    • Austin 11:59 pm PDT, Tuesday, September 5.
  5. We’ll pick the two winners in a random drawing the day after each deadline.
TAKE A PIC like these to enter “Marcello”‘s drawing for free tickets to a festival near you!

More Coming!

We have more festivals and more of “Marcello”‘s free ticket contests coming up! Watch for announcements on our website, Facebook and Twitter.

So far, “Marcello” has paid for free tickets at the Jukebox International Film Festival, and bought out the theater so people can see it for free at our South African premiere in Durban.

* Stacked books template by; small book logo designed by ibrandify/Freepik. Modified selfie photos by Anthony and Renzelle Abasolo; used under Creative Commons license.

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