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‘Summer’ Shoot Postponed

ACTOR AUSTIN McKenzie has dropped out from Something Like Summer, requiring the production to recast the role of Ben Bentley and move its shooting dates forward to late August. McKenzie’s departure required producer Carlos Pedraza and director J.T. Tepnapa to reschedule …

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Meet Our Tim Wyman

MEET THE newest member of the cast of Something Like Summer: the long-awaited actor who will portray the love of Ben’s (Austin McKenzie) life, Tim Wyman. And learn what author Jay Bell has to say about our choice. DAVI SANTOS is …

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Something Like Store

COINCIDING WITH the release date of author Jay Bell’s latest novel, “Something Like Lightning,” we launched an online store on the Something Like Summer movie website today. Powered by Amazon, our online store lets you buy your own copies of Jay Bell’s …

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